Items Needed

For Liza Nevarez

We’re looking for the following donated items to help furnish Liza’s new home. If you have any of these items, please email us at


Donate toward new items

We need to buy the following NEW items. If you can donate money towards these items, that would really help.


Liza montage.jpg


There are a number of items Liza needs:

  • Dining room table with 6 chairs

  • Coffee table and end tables

  • Cookware and tableware

  • Towels

  • Patio table and chairs for porch

  • Bedroom dresser

  • Master Bedroom

    • King/queen bed frame, headboard, and mattress

    • Dresser

    • Two nightstands and lamps

    • Bed linens for new bed

  • 13-year old Boy’s Room

    • Nightstand

    • Dresser

    • Desk

    • Twin Bed linens

  • Daughter’s bedroom

    • Dresser

    • Queen size bed linens