Hometown Missions

Our Mission

During the winter of 2010, Chuck Lemmond, a local custom home builder and coordinator for community help projects for the Dripping Springs United Methodist Church, received a call for help.

A young, recently widowed mother of five children ages twelve and under had frozen pipes in her mobile home. Upon examining her issue, Chuck realized plumbing was the least of her problems. There was black mold on the walls, a leak in the roof, and sky peaking through the walls.

Chuck fixed her immediate plumbing issue, and told the mother that he did not know how he was going to do it, but he was going to find her a new home. And with that promise, Hometown Missions was born.


It is from stable, healthy housing that we are able to excel in school, launch into careers, and be a functioning member of society. Without housing, hope fades and life becomes a mountain in which we are ill-equipped to climb.

Since 2010, Hometown Missions has assisted over dozens of families in the Dripping Springs ISD. We are a completely volunteer non-profit and rely on the resources of our neighbors.

We know there will always be a need in Afghanistan, Africa, Haiti, and areas hit by calamity. Many of us will participate in a mission overseas and help needy people. We also know that you don’t have to travel thousand of miles to perform missionary-type work.

You can help right here, in Dripping Springs, on a local mission to help your neighbors, people you see everyday, people you stand in line with at HEB.

It’s estimated that one in four children who attend Dripping Springs ISD could be living below the poverty level.

Hometown Missions was formed to identify and help our brothers and sisters who live ‘right across the street’.