Adorable Girls Living in Camper Trailer

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DSCMP helped a local family with two small, adorable little girls renovate a mobile home that had once housed 40+ cats.

The family of four was living in a camper trailer behind this cat-hoarder’s trailer when it became available for them to renovate and move in. They began gutting the mobile home and networking within the community for building supplies.

Through Helping Hands, DSCMP heard about the family and jumped in with assistance. DSCMP completely gutted the mobile home.

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DSCMP completely renovated the mobile home, both inside and out, built porches, upgraded the utilities, and furnished the new home.

All types of volunteers pitched in, from high school students to retirees.

Everything, including the drywall, was replaced.

Even the Dripping Springs High School Football team helped out multiple weekends.

The home was finished in time for them to celebrate Christmas with their first-ever Christmas tree in 2014.

Both little girls had their own room and their own beds. Thanks to generous donations, their room was decked out with FROZEN bedding and decorations.

Their new home is warm, safe, and healthy.

DSCMP continues to walk with the family helping the mom secure preschool for one of the girls.

Dripping Springs Century News Article, Feb 19, 2015

Mom lost her transportation and through a generous donated car to DSCMP, mom was able to get to work.

Robin Robinson