Shack to Home Project

October 2016 - March 2017.  A mom with two teenage sons fled Mexico due to some very difficult issues. The two boys are enrolled in DSISD and are trying hard to fit in. The mom is working locally in day-to-day jobs she can find.

The family is connected with the faith community through Pastor Jesus, a young Mexican pastor connected with Dripping Springs United Methodist Church, who is studying at the Seminary in Austin. He's doing a terrific job of awakening the Hispanic faith community in Dripping.

Right now, they're under the care of a young family who has opened their home. The space is super tight and only temporary.

As a more permanent solution, the host family has offered a shack out back as a living space, but it needs an almost complete rebuild.

The good news is it can be tied into the current septic system, water, and electrical. The shed is 12' x 24' and with your help, can be made into a small apartment, with a bath and kitchenette for this hardworking mom and her two sons.

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See How it Looks in a Final Video of the Project

A Letter from the Mom at the Shack to Home Project to all the Volunteers

It has taken 9 long years, the process of separation from my husband, and removing my sons took 8 years of a life in a violent and very dangerous situation in México.

But always in God’s hands with His infinite love and mercy. Isaiah 41:10. I decided for a better quality of life for my children.

They have been little workers since their childhood; they have always stood by my side, never complaining.

My fear was doubled when I decided to leave my beloved Country. Ciudad Juárez was too dangerous to live in. The homicide rate has escalated to the point of making Juárez the most violent city in the world. Yes, in the world.

What a nightmare. I am 43 years old, and no longer the strong and brave woman I once was. Can I do this? I questioned myself daily. God help us. I believed in Him with more faith and more than ever.

We couldn’t imagine that so many strangers would offer us so much love, care, affection, and all the necessary things to make us a home. There is no doubt that God has been present in every step of this journey.

With great hesitation and embarrassment, we didn’t know what to do, or how to respond to all this wonderful help. How do we begin to thank every one? Starting with the owners of this place, that gave us a home to stay. Each and every single person who has donated their time and resources to make this shack into a home.

My nightmares, my efforts, my sleepless nights, my worries, my fatigue, my tears have now been replaced by a peace and tranquility that can’t be easily explained.

Thank you for making my job as a mother a much easier one by offering the people whom I love the most a home. My sons are in need of nothing because of this home made with love.

We are immensely grateful!

I am writing this message of thanks, crying and with tears in my eyes… an infinite thanks from the bottom of our hearts. We have no words to thank each and every one of you. Thank you to the Dripping Springs Community Mission Partnership group for doing your work with love and working for love!

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